Acidic addition salts of morphine alkaloids and the application thereof

Sels d'addition d'acide d'alcaloides de la morphine et leur utilisation


The invention relates to a material consisting of the acidic addition salt of a morphine alkaloid and an organic acid. The organic acid is selected from: monoesters of C3-C16 dicarboxylic acids with monovalent C1-C4 alcohols; C2-C16 sulphonic acids; substituted benzoic acids selected from the group of halogen-, hydroxy-, alkyl-, hydroxyalkyl-, alkoxy alkyl-, and/or alkoxy-substituted benzoic acids and the amino substituted benzoic acids alternatively alkylated on the N atom; 5 or 6 ring heterocycles with at least one N or S atom and one carboxyl groups function; saturated or unsaturated, alternatively substituted oxocarboxylic acids with 5 to 10 C atoms; phenyl- or phenoxy-substituted saturated C2-C4 carboxylic acid; aliphatic, aromatic or heterocyclic C2-C12 amino acids, wherein one amino group is substituted with an alternatively substituted C2-C6 alkanoyl group or an alternatively substituted benzoyl group.




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