Convertisseur d'alimentation avec commutation au zero de la tension

Zero voltage switched power supply converter


Zero voltage switched power supply converter comprising a series combination of a first winding (11-3) and a first switching element (11-4). A second winding is connected to a second switching element (11-8) and to a storage capacitor (11-9), and a series combination of a second storage capacitor (11-8-1) and a third switching element (11-8-2) is connected in parallel with said second switching element (11-8), so that when the second switching element (11-8) becomes non-conducting, the third switching element (11-8-2) continues in the conduction state, starting a first resonance period that concludes when the third switching element (11-8-2) becomes non-conducting and starts a second free resonance period; the switching being achieved at zero voltage.




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