Friction clutch and automatic transmission of automobile using the same and non-stage transmission of automobile and power distribution device of automobile and power transmissiondevice of motorcycle

Embrayage a friction et transmission automatique d'automobile utilisant cet embrayage et transmission non etagee d'automobile et dispositif de distribution de puissance d'automobile et dispositif de transmission de puissance de motocyclette


The present invention relates to a friction clutch in which the wear in the sliding state can be reduced and an automatic transmission of an automobile using the friction clutch and a non-stage transmission of an automobile and a power distribution device of an automobile and a power transmission device of a motorcycle. That is, according to the present invention, in a configuration of making a pair of clutch members opposite to each other in a radial direction with a plurality of rollers held between them, an angle of a turning axis of each roller relative to the rotation axis of a clutch member is made more than 10° and less than 20°, and in the meantime, the angle of the turning axis of each roller relative to the plane including the rotation axis of the clutch member is made more than 25° and less than 90°, so that a stable frictional force may be generated at all times. In this case, when a load in an axial direction is added to the clutch member, each roller generates sliding friction while turning, and therefore, a wear is extremely smaller than that of a structure of bringing the respective fellow clutch plates into surface contact with each other like a multiple disk clutch.




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