Ecran de lampe obtenu par electroformage et methode de fabrication dudit ecran

Electro-formed bulb shield and method of making same


A bulb shield for use in an automotive headlamp assembly, and a method for making same. The bulb shield includes a cup portion and a portion which extends from the cup portion and is configured for mounting to a reflector of the automotive headlamp assembly or to another, proximate structure. When the bulb shield is mounted, the cup portion is preferably generally horizontally aligned with a headlamp bulb in the automotive headlamp assembly, thereby eliminating a "hot spot" which would otherwise be viewable when looking into the headlamp beam. Preferably, at least a portion of the cup portion of the bulb shield is electro-formed. Such a bulb shield is relatively inexpensive and easy to make, yet can withstand the high temperatures which are typically experienced in an automotive headlamp assembly. Additionally, such a bulb shield can be inexpensively provided, yet meet precision requirements. Still further, such a bulb shield provides enhanced design flexibility and styling consistent with plastic molding.




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