Neutralisateur et methode pour la chromatographie en continu d'ions neutralises electrochimiquement

Suppressor for continuous electrochemically suppression ion chromatography and method


Methods and devices for continuous electrochemically suppressed ion chromatography are disclosed. In preferred aspect of the invention, a chromatography effluent comprising analyte ions and electrolyte is split into a first chromatography effluent flow stream and a second chromatography effluent flow stream. Electrolysis ions selected from the group consisting of hydronium ions and hydroxide ions are generated by the electrolysis of water. Electrolysis ions of the same charge as the electrolyte and the second chromatography effluent stream are flowed through a stationary phase thereby suppressing the electrolyte in the second chromatography effluent flow stream. The analyte ions are subsequently detected in the suppressed second chromatography effluent flow stream.




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