Threaded connection for internally clad pipe

Assemblage filete pour tube muni d'un revetement interne


A corrosion-resistant threaded connection including a first tubular member having an outer metal tube (12) of corrosion-prone material and an inner metal lining (38) of corrosion-resistant material, the first tubular member (12) forming a pin connection (12a) having a nose portion comprising a ring (40) of corrosion-resistant material secured, e.g., welded (42), to the tube (12) of corrosion-prone material, a radially outwardly facing, annularly extending thread-free first pin shoulder (44) being formed on the corrosion-resistant ring, the first member including an externally threaded portion (48) providing male threads, and a second tubular member (14) comprising a metal coupling having a first end (16) and a second end (20) and forming a first box connection and a second box connection, respectively, the coupling including an internally disposed annularly extending metal section of corrosion-resistant material (24) disposed intermediate the ends (16, 20) of the coupling, each of the box connections comprising a radially inwardly facing annularly extending box shoulder (28) formed on the section of corrosion-resistant material (24).




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