Conical stacked-disk impeller for viscous liquids

Turbine de pompe conique a disques superposes pour liquides visqueux


One or more improved pump impellers are provided and are rotationally supported in a pump having one or more stages. The improved impeller comprises a fluid induction core of flow passages spiraling axially about the impellers rotational axis and a stack of circular disks extending radially and concentrically from the induction core. The stack of disks is preferably a frusto-conical stack with the disks at the downstream end of the impeller having a lesser radial extent than do the upstream disks so that incrementally less fluid issues from each successive radial flow passage between adjacent disks thereby reducing head loss in the issuing viscous fluid flow and increasing pumping efficiency. Increased pump efficiency permits one to provide a conical pump housing profile about each impeller which corresponds with the conical stack, thereby diminishing the fluid flow area and increasing the discharge pressure and flow capacity of each pumping stage.




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