Appareil de circulation pour tige de production de petrole comprenant une pompe en ligne

Circulating apparatus for an oil production tubing string having an inline pump


A circulating apparatus is provided for use with an oil production tubing string having an inline pump and an anti-rotation tool arranged to be coupled thereto. The circulating apparatus includes inner and outer tubular mandrels mounted one about the other for relative rotation therebetween to selectively open and close ports extending through respective sides of the mandrels. The apparatus mounts on a bottom end of the inline pump and mounts the anti-rotation tool therebelow. The ports are arranged to be opened for producing oil upwardly therethrough and closed for pumping circulating fluids down the tubing string through a bottom end of the apparatus. A tag bar extends diametrically across the inner and outer mandrels for vertically placing a rotor of the pump as the rotor is replaced in the tubing string after a circulation operation is performed on the tubing string.




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