Cure on demand adhesives and window module with cure on demand adhesive thereon

Colles durcissant a la demande et module de vitre enduit d'une telle colle


In one embodiment the invention is an adhesive composition comprising a) a polymer having a flexible backbone and a reactive moiety capable of cross-linking, b) a particle comprising an active agent encapsulated in an encapsulating agent wherein the active agent comprises a catalyst for cross-linking of the reactive moiety, a curing agent for the reactive moiety, an accelerator for the curing reaction or a mixture thereof; and the encapsulating agent comprises a side chain crystallizable polymer wherein the active agent is not substantially extractable from the particle at ambient conditions in a first extraction after particle formation. In yet another embodiment the invention is a process for binding two substrates together which comprises contacting one of the substrates with an adhesive as described herein, exposing the adhesive to conditions such that the active agent is released so as to contact the active agent with the polymer, contacting the two substrates such that the adhesive is located between the two substrates, and exposing the adhesive between the substrates to curing conditions. In a preferred embodiment of this process the adhesive is activated by exposure to an infrared heating source.




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