Article adhesif liberable par etirement muni d'un dispositif de liberation ameliore

Stretch release adhesive article with enhanced removal feature


An adhesive article adapted for removable mounting on a support surface includes a stretch release adhesive tape strip and a base member. The adhesive article includes an abutment adapted to engage the support surface when the article is pressed against the support surface, and thereby prevents the base member from rebonding to the adhesive strip. The abutment thereby allows the article to be pressed against the support surface during removal to hold the article in place without interfering with the removal process. The abutment can be projections protruding from the base member on opposite sides of the adhesive strip, a pair of side walls extending longitudinally along the adhesive strip, a flexible abutment tab extending from the base member which can be manually pressed against the support surface, a projection arranged adjacent the adhesive strip which engages the support surface and acts as a fulcrum when the user applies pressure to a particular location of the base member, or a portion of an article support member which is slidably connected with the base member.




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