Terminal ameliore de transmission de donnees par satellite

Enhanced satellite data terminal


An enhanced satellite data terminal (104) for communicating satellite and network data includes a portable environmental casing (108) protecting wireless LAN circuitry (112) coupled to a wireless LAN antenna (110). The wireless LAN circuitry (112) is also coupled to satellite data terminal circuitry (114) (and associated satellite antenna (116)). The wireless LAN circuitry (112) and satellite data terminal circuitry (114) are integrated together in the portable environmental casing (108) as a single unit. The environmental casing (108) may, for example, be water-tight and may be comprised of plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum. Moreover, the enhanced satellite data terminal (104) may include a power source (130) coupled to the wireless LAN circuitry (112) and the satellite data terminal circuitry (114).




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