Communication system


A communications system CE, consisting of subscriber-connection units SLU1-6 for connecting terminals CT1-6, a network-connection unit SLMT and a switching unit SU having a switching control SC and a display-information memory DM, is described. The display-information memory contains in each case the display information allocated to the individual subscriber-connection units. A special subscriber-connection unit SSLU1 having associated display information is provided. This special subscriber-connection unit can if necessary be configured as a call diversion target for any subscriber. In the case of call diversion to this special subscriber-connection unit, if the calling terminal contains a display unit, the display information which is allocated to the special subscriber-connection unit is displayed at the calling subscriber. If the switching control does not recognise that the calling subscriber has a display unit, a call diversion to another target SSLU2 or SLU7, for example an acoustic announcing device or to a switching location, is activated.




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