Reverse gear assembly


A manual transmission (10, fig 1) includes an input shaft 20, an output shaft (22, fig 1) and a plurality of constant-mesh gearsets therebetween. In addition, a reverse gear assembly 14 is provided, and includes an idler shaft 104 non-rotatably mounted within a housing of the transmission and an idler gear 110 journally supported on the idler shaft 104. The idler gear 110 is linearly movable into engagement with a reverse input gear 112 and a reverse speed gear 114. Each tooth 118 of the reverse idler gear 110 includes a pair of intersecting flank radii 130 and 132 which intersect at the tooth centerline 134, creating an included angle therebetween. The teeth of the input and output gears are similarly formed (figs 9 and 11) to include a pair of flank radii and included angles.




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