Method and apparatus for treating dyslexia


A method for treating Dyslexia in a patient comprising the step of employing techniques to achieve a stable fixation of both eyes. The method may comprise the step of employing techniques to strengthen the magnocellular visual pathways of the patient. In one embodiment, the method comprises utilising a series of visual image exercises provided so as to achieve the stable fixation and to strengthen the magnocellular visual pathways. The visual images can comprise one or more series of high frequency striations interposed with a visual work exercise exercising the patient mental faculties. The visual work exercise can include, for example, one of a puzzle, a drawing or a story. The visual work exercises are preferably of increasing mental complexity. In a further modification, the step can further comprise occluding one of the patients eyes during the visual image exercise and/or colour filtering the light transmitted to the patients eyes during the visual image exercise. Preferably a red filter is utilised.




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