Tool suspension device


A tool suspension device for a tool with handles that are pivotally attached, such as pliers, comprises a suspension board 10, a holding assembly 20 with an elongated tool slot 211 adapted to encompass the handles of the tool, mounted to the front of the suspension board 10 and a clamping feature 23 secured to the front of the suspension board 10 and adapted to securely hold one of the handles of the tool. The arrangement is adapted so as to allow the other handle of the tool to be moved and tested by a consumer. The holding assembly 20 is preferably in the form of a tool bracket 21 and two L-shaped mounting brackets 22, while the clamping feature 23 can be in the form of two handle guides 231, which in use lie either side of one of the handles of the tool, thus tightly holding the handle between them. A stop 12 can also be present to prevent the jaws of the tool from opening.




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