Spray booth


A spray booth 20 has an enclosure structure (22, figure 1a), a ventilation system 140 and overhead lighting 130. An upper region of the structure defines an air inlet plenum 154. Air exits the inlet plenum 154 into the work area 30 of the booth 20 through an array of filter elements 90. The resistance to airflow of the filter elements 90 may be tuned to encourage non-uniform airflow in the workspace 30, and, in particular, to create a proportionately large inflow in a central region, and a flow near the walls. Part of the inflow may be located outboard of the overhead lighting assemblies 130, and part of the inflow may be located inboard of the lighting assemblies 130. The overhead lighting assemblies 130 may be spaced apart by a distance that may be greater than the width of objects 42 to be coated in the spray booth 20, and the lighting assemblies 130 may be canted inward at an oblique angle relative to the horizontal, such that the wash of light from the spaced apart light sources may tend to be convergent.




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