Worktable with pivotable guide assembly

  • Inventors: BEN YU
  • Assignees: Ben Yu
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2007
  • Publication Number: GB-2430913-A


A worktable includes a frame 20, 21. 22 pivotally attached to a housing 10, a holder (30, fig 4) pivotally attached to the frame, a saw blade 35 having a spindle 33 rotatably attached to the holder, and a guide member 70 attached to the spindle of the saw blade for guiding the work piece after being cut by the saw blade. A casing 50 is secured to the frame and includes an outlet (56, fig 7) for coupling to a vacuum device. A follower 60 is pivotally attached to the casing, for adjustably supporting the guide member, to allow the guide member to be adjusted relative to the frame and the housing. A positioning device (9, fig 17) may be used for positioning the spindle of the saw blade to the holder, to allow the saw blade to be attached to and disengaged from the holder.




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