Quantum dots which enable luminescence signals to be detected simultaneously with Raman signals generated by the moiety coupled to the quantum dots


A composition forming a quantum dot probe comprising a semiconductor nanoparticle or semiconductor nanoparticle attached to a chemical or biological molecule conjugate, such semiconductor being selected to provide a luminescence signal upon being excited by incident radiation from an external energy source, the composition characterized in that the semiconductor nanoparticle is selected to exhibit a significant Stokes shift such that the luminescence signal has an upper threshold wavenumber significantly less than the wavenumber of the incident radiation, and further configured to be in close proximity with a metal nanoparticle to allow the enhancement and simultaneous detection of a second signal, preferably a Raman spectrum, which is characteristic of the attached molecule and or the molecules with which it interacts or in the vicinity of the quantum dot probe, that is detectable substantially simultaneously with said luminescence signal.




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