Blister card loading system


A loading system for loading packaging cards with blister cards, comprises a magazine 15 of blister cards 22 that is arranged to controllably release blister cards onto a stationary runner 32 disposed around a portion of a feeder wheel 24, which feeder wheel has means 30 to convey the blister card in sliding contact with said runner to a transfer position from which the blister card may be loaded onto a packaging card 14. The magazine 15 may have an exit gate comprising a pair of pivoted hooks 40, or Archimedean screws or star wheels. The conveying means 30 may comprise spaced lugs projecting from the wheel 24. Blister cards may be transferred from the runner 32 onto packaging cards by a rotary suction arm 26, and a good seal of adhesive between cards 14,22 ensured by compression between rollers 18,20.




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