Banknote storage unit


A banknote storage unit comprises a housing 4 for receiving banknotes, the housing 4 having a slot 16 for introducing banknotes into the housing 4. A plunger 6 is mounted for reciprocating movement to push banknotes through the slot 16 into the housing where a note carrier plate 8 receives the banknotes. The note carrier 8 is movable with the plunger 6 for reciprocating movement with respect to the housing 4. The plunger 6 is arranged so as to permit movement of the plunger 6 with respect to the note carrier 8 after the note carrier reached a limit position within the housing 4, whereby the plunger 6 may be retracted from the housing to the extent necessary for banknotes to be placed below the plunger 6 for introduction into the housing 4 through the slot 16.




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