Scaffolding arrangement and method of assembly


The invention relates to a scaffolding assembly comprising at least one scaffolding climbing tower defined by four corner standards, two or more working platforms, and one or more intermediate platforms between the at least one pair of working platforms. The assembly is preferably assembled by erecting the four standards 4.02,4.04,4.06,4.08 and the ground platform 4.10. Intermediate ledgers 4.48 and 4.50 are then installed as anchor points for lanyards. A first climbing platform 4.12 is installed and at least three boards are installed intermediate the ground platform 4.10 and the standard platform height and below the intermediate ledgers 4.48 and 4.50. The worker may then attach a lanyard to ledger 4.50 and climb onto the first climbing platform 4.12 and install ledger 4.52. The worker may then attach a second lanyard to ledger 4.52 and release the first lanyard from ledger 4.50. The worker may then install the remaining ledgers and transoms for the second climbing platform 4.14 with the boards aligned against the opposite side of the bay to those of the first climbing platform 4.12. The process is repeated until the required height is obtained.




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