Three chamber accumulator reservoir with venting system for residual chamber


An accumulator reservoir 10 includes a housing 16. The housing contains a system fluid chamber 22, a working fluid chamber 24, and a residual chamber 26. Vent paths (32, figure 2) are configured to vent fluid from the residual chamber 26. Each of the vent paths extends nonlinearly between a first opening (38, figure 2) and a second opening (40, figure 2). The accumulator 10 may include a main piston 14 with the working fluid chamber 24 and the residual chamber 26 defined on a first side of the piston, and the system fluid chamber 22 defined on an opposing side of the piston. The working fluid chamber 24 and residual chamber 26 may be separated by an actuator cylinder 12. The accumulator 10 may also include an actuator cap 20; the vent paths (32, figure 2) may be arranged in a circular array about an axis of the accumulator, and may be crooked or tortuous paths defined within at least one of the housing 16, the actuator cylinder 12 or the actuator cap 20.




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