Sound generator system for a motor vehicle


A sound generator system 1, for motor vehicles 3, has at least one loudspeaker 1.1 located inside a housing 1.2 which at least partially delimits a sound chamber. First and second sound-conducting connecting pieces 1.4, 1.5 are each acoustically coupled to the housing, and each extends the sound chamber in a direction R1, R2 along its central axis M1, M2 towards an orifice 1.4a, 1.4b, wherein direction R1 differs from direction R2. The directions R1 and R2 may enclose an angle of 30-180º. At least a first opening 1.9, to which the first and/or second connecting pieces may be connected, may be provided in the housing. The housing wall may comprise a first perforation zone P1, and an opposing second perforation zone P2. The directions R1 and/or R2 may extend along a longitudinal axis of a motor vehicle, and the sound generator system may be coupled to an under-floor of the vehicle, and connected to an exhaust pipe..




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