Improved sliding parts for heat exchangers

  • Inventors: JOACHIM CONRAD
  • Assignees: Linde Ag
  • Publication Date: November 11, 2015
  • Publication Number: GB-2525907-A


A sliding connection between a pair of adjacent heat exchangers 10, 20 comprising a first plate 13 connected to a first heat exchanger 20, a plastics material 4 supported on the first plate, and a second plate 2 supported on and attached to the plastics material and is also connected to a second heat exchanger 10. Movement of the heat exchangers may be in both the vertical and horizontal directions. The plates and plastics material may be attached by screws 12. The connection may be used in low or high temperature applications. In use, the first heat exchanger may be a lower heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger may be an upper heat exchanger. A further embodiment includes a sliding connection between a heat exchanger and a foundation 30.




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