Wellhead control system


A pressure control system 10 for an oil or gas well, comprising: a moveable member 105 moveable between an open configuration in which fluid is permitted to flow from a first region of the well 101 to a second region of the well 102, through passageway 108 and a closed configuration in which fluid flow from the first region to the second region is prevented, inlet 109 may be blocked; a biasing member 110, which may be a spring, configured to urge the moveable member towards the closed configuration; and a pressure controller, wherein the pressure controller is arranged to control a pressure that acts on the moveable member to urge the moveable member towards the closed configuration. The pressure controller may include a pressure sensor 103 and an isolation valve 104. There may also be a third closed configuration. Also claimed is an assembly comprising two pressure control systems 10 and also an oil or gas well comprising the pressure control system 10.




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